Monday, March 31, 2014

|| magic of the body ||

In the first thrill of love
the wakeful eye
within knew
the magic of the body
within the body

Overcome with a
novel sensation silent
words squealed
and were born

In the bliss of flight
i tasted the elixir
of my own body
on the lips of
the beloved

Moon gazing eyes
knew the pleasure of the moon
with your touch
i drank the
manna of love

I want to contain
in my touch
every pore of
your being.

(Painting : Chaitali Mukherjee)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

|| from one nameless 'she' to another ||

She is
like a river
ever wakeful

she is
like a mountain
ever standing

she is
like the wind

she is
to get a glimpse
at the seasons
within herself

she is
to get a birth
in her own river

she is
to savor
her own flavor.

(Painting : P Gnana)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

|| by the painting of the children ||

on the walls of their dreams
are imprinting their footprints
in fiery colors
thereby creating the sun

for them the sky is not blue
but yellow
for them the sun is not yellow
but red
for the color of the trees
have already selected green
thereby expressing the feeling
of their heart

are expressing all their emotions
for everybody in all the colors of their heart

will either give up their souls
or their name to make a point

children have changed the colors of their
that will change in the future

but for now
they have chosen to take into their own
their present feelings
while entrusting the future
to their faith in you.

(Painting : Rupchand Kundu)

Monday, March 17, 2014

|| just like the gurgling babies ||

just like my youth
my luck has gone
like some cheerful breeze of air

just like the monsoon rains
emerging from the ocean
in a sudden sweep of the storm

that does not listen to the tinkling sounds
of the mountain,
like the pebbles the river carries or
pares without pause into exquisite pieces

just like a block of stone
in the soft and tender hands of an infant,
given, in a playful dream, to smoothen out
as if they are capable of molding it
into the shape of the grip of their hands

just like an infant in a swinging crib
would let out a joyful gurgling cry
thrilled with rapture as anyone would.

(Painting : Mugur Popa)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

|| abstract feelings ||

an entire life
on just one touch

in that one touch
is symbolized an
indestructible edifice
no matter what happens around it
whether things keep flying about like
keep falling apart
the intangible emotions will survive
as sure as
the earth will rotate
around its axis
as sure as
truth will be carried
by the words
as sure as
love will remain
in the soul

the soul cannot be seen
the emotions are not visible
the spirit cannot be seen
nor has it been visible
how the earth revolves around its axis

truth is not visible in the words
that were merely read
but is only perceived
just like love is pure feeling.

(Painting : Dheeraj Choudhary)