Wednesday, March 23, 2016

|| Winds ||

The winds have
a voice to wake up
their times to raise a
tornado……against those
who remain silent.
Quietly, the winds
become a squall

Without a noise
the winds raise a storm

The winds always
create- a voice
with their divine palms
the winds wipe the
face of nature.

The winds echo
in the earth as
breath in the body.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

|| Birthdays ||

Birthdays remind
of receding days
they shorten the life
of dreams snatch
some wishes
fill the emptiness of life
which can not be filled
moving feet complete
the perambulation of
life each year.

Eyes wish to cover
beloved faces with the
joy of cordiality that
is scrubbed away by
the grazing of interests
through the year.

On a birthday
smile wishes to soak-up
happiness off each laughing
congratulatory face even
as the lips know the
hollowness of the smile.

At the birthday celebration
held between warm palms
palms wish to forget
all hatred-despair-animosity
knowing well this transient meeting
is meant to turn into forgetfulness.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


The poet Shreenivasi has
sown in his native land
word seeds.

In his poems he
has revived Suriname
feeding it
his heart's blood.

Suriname is growing
older in the land
of Suriname
In his poem Shreenivasi
is young at eighty five
like a tiller with
his plough on his shoulder.

At the river-bank in New Amsterdam
the poet stands holding
the aakaashdeep of poem
the compassionate eye
of his picture has ink
for his new poem.

Like the trees at
the turning into jungle
New Amsterdam bank
that have known and lived
pain for ages his poem
stands tall.

Like his poems the
birds have created on branches
new plants…new creepers….new roots
and new nests.

In days past canons
that fought like mothers
on the side of the motherland
on this same beach
now lie quiet resting
their heads on their
children's shoulders.

Like the sentry at
the police- post at the
beach stands Shreenivasi's poem
a weapon drawn for the motherland.

Poetry is the monument
of New Amsterdam
the logo of Suriname
along the flag of the
police-post waves
the banner of poetry.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

|| Way of Struggle : Lenin Raghuvanshi ||

Raghuvanshi Lenin
is the Lenin of his motherland
his nerves squirming with pain of injustice
his voice rising in passion for social justice

As Buddha suffered from pain
from his enclave
who found the path of freedom from pain
in the social code of conduct of spirituality

Raghuvanshi Lenin has seen and known
the reason of grief from depth
in the contemporary contexts
the nation and powerful energies
are more blameworthy than humane being

the claw of exploitation
lightens continuously
the nerves of throat and wisdom
the silent roots of malpractice
are silent against oppression and injustice
(one has to work like 'chanakya' to uproot them)
as an intellectual worker like a modern Buddha
not leaving behind wife (shruti) and son (kabir)
but taking them along, so that they also feel
the wounds of society
the pain of people

living in the society
they can treat and cure
and give some first-aid
and feel Lenin's pain and outcry
they should do positive revolt
like the two hands of Lenin - left and right
and fulfil the role as part of family
not just as Lenin's family
but also as people's family
like the parts of the body
and can sacrifice the comforts
attachment towards luxuries
for the sake of global human being
for the interest of entire humanity

Raghuvanshi Lenin is the Lenin of India
related to the king's lineage
associating with it, being with it
in the contemporary times
digging out path for the people
from deep inside the system
He names his child as 'kabir Karunik'
to make him walk through the life's tough
and see the secret source of Lenin's speech
the tragic sorrow caused by discrimination
and experience the meaning of being 'kabri'
as his father Lelin
knows the meaning of his name
in Indian contexts

He knows and wants to show
that the lineage of all the people
the lineage of 'Shri Ram'
can be cultivated
not by chanting the name of 'Ram'
but by following the path of 'Ram' - public service
in the true sense, including king's lineage

along with Buddha
along with Kabir
along with Lenin
and the people of the Universe
in the form of entire Humankind.