Monday, September 29, 2014

|| exploration ||

explore within me
the subterranean river

i explore within
the nameless ocean
that sweeps the body away

address the
unaddressed cave home
in my heart

your touch is inscribed
with your name
for the damp-warm
comfort of the soul

with the eyes of your fingers
you dig my bleak mountains
and create a fragrant
succulent valley of flowers

the soul knows
the divine comfort
of the nature of life

Monday, September 22, 2014

|| picture ||

hanging on the wall
your picture would have
turned it in a breathing body

like an eternal lamp
your picture would have
turned a part of the wall
into a sacred niche

that part of the wall
would have grown two palms
eager to hold your picture

with the spring imbued
sweep of your eye
that section of the wall
would have turned
into a vast canvas

gathering thick like
clouds your picture
would have turned
that portion of the wall
into the sky

covering a portion
the size of the heart
your picture would have
turned the wall
into an animate entity

hanging on the wall
your picture
would have acquired
eyes restless as
the waiting beloved
who like your
liquid eyes
prepares the sky
for the dreamy cloud of alpana.

(Painting : Philippe Zanolino)

Friday, September 19, 2014

|| practitioner ||

my eyes contain your picture
they are your album
within me
the voice of love echoes and plays
like a new raga
and sings unwavering
like a practitioner

in my heart
beat your heartbeats
my breath constant
in the practice of love

like the sculptor of khajuraho
i created a living sculpture of love
you unveiled it
in my eyes

Monday, September 8, 2014

|| dream canvas ||

i have
your words
and you have
my silence

with you are
my restless dreams
with me
the world
of your desire

on the canvas
of dreams
i paint bright
luscious colors
and give them names
like you

in my memory
live your words
the true companions
of loneliness

in the golden palm
of sun rays
i place the
eternal kiss
of the loving glance

i imbue
aline winds
with love scented dream-breath
and turn a strange word

as children
create sand-castles
living dream play
in the reality of life

in the expanse of your being
i sow the seeds
of my desire
awaiting the footfall of creation
my heart beats to
the sound of love.

(Painting : Kappari Kishan)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

|| i earn you ||

as the earth
earns from the sun
her day
as breath
earns from the wind

as one earns
from the river
water and sanctity

as one earns
from god

as one earns
from the sun
heat and energy

in relinquishing
i earn you
from you.

(Painting : Claudia Stach)