Tuesday, April 29, 2014

|| masks ||

The woman was
the world

A century went by.

The woman has
been hearing the
hollow, scary words
of the world.

Children call them

(Painting : Preet Khokhar)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

|| the earth ||

The earth bears
the pain of
being alive like
a lonely women

Folks scratch her innards
trample on her
for their crazy pleasure
some decorate and preserve her
as they do a lonely women

All watch the destruction
the earth too sees
her slow destruction
and still, through
her own powers
creates balance
against destructive forces

Like the lonely women
the lonely earth saves
her verdure
her rain
her coolness
her fertility
her purity
her identity.

(Painting : Claudia Stach)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

|| an apology for surrender ||

For the bird to give up
its fluttering
is tantamount to
the sun giving up its heat
or for the wind to
stop blowing

for the lips of the river to defer
its thirst
is tantamount to
effectively dissolving into quietude
or for silence to
reside into a secluded corner

yes ... thereafter

everything is saved up
that must bring her recognition

in the temple
she readily returns,
as a show of respect,
everything to god
for an intense peace of mind

is the silence
like that of the written words

are open
like a book

the pencil
fixed between the fingers of the hand
writes down the lines
and the crimpy words

that soul, however
not knowing how to present its own
wants to explain to others
to understand that
ambition is ambition
god is god.

(Painting : Masashi Harada)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

|| your tulip-like eyes ||

Like a bird
your eyes nurture
dreams for others

Busy searching
for joy for others
your eyes create joy
in their pure depths

Becoming lips
my eyes drink
the beauty
of your eyes

Reaching your tulip-like
eyes the fire of loneliness
dies down

From your eyes
i take the vision and power
to see and create the world

For your eyes
i would creat
a world that
has no tears

For the world
tears and water
in the eye
for you they are
the fire of pain

Of your eyes are
born dreams for
forlorn, frightened
innocent eyes

Through your eyes pass
paths of peace reaching
the unfathomed ocean
where i wash terrible wounds.

(Painting : Paritosh Sen)

Monday, April 7, 2014

|| the necessity of needs ||

When hungry
one craves for bread
when thirsty
one needs clear pure water

when the need occurs
to roll up one's sleeves
one then needs strong hands
inner strength
but not the brute strength of an animal

for living
one needs a home
not marble-erected walls

to get a life
one needs love
not just a relationship
one needs somebody
in the shape of a man
or in the shape of a woman
but not just a male or female

for endearment
one needs trustful words
sincere words of love
for anger
one needs the correct words
for a revolution
one needs powerful words

to be drenched
one needs a seasonal cloud burst
and not a shower in the bathroom
for breathing
one needs clean fresh air

for a good song
one needs the passion of the singers
and not merely their humming along
if only
a full grown sapling would appear
whenever the pot falls apart
and not just the noise.

(Painting : Ronit Kristal)