Wednesday, August 31, 2016

|| fount ||

Becoming you
words see me
Becoming words
I see you

On your soul
is the shadow
of God’s love
Your spirit
a part of God

In your love
I perceive love
Touching you
I touch the God of love

In words
you create Love

Monday, August 29, 2016

|| galaxy ||

Without you
time flows in me
Like a river

I bathe in its
loneliness-infested fear
I harden the
earth of my heart to stone
that you chisel to beauty

Days of pleasure
bury themselves
in the dust of time

In my silence
I live your divine love
your silent decorous cordiality
Dark and alone

Your name is
part of the universe
swimming across the galaxy
eyes want to reach the other end
to find liberation
from the stillness

Friday, August 26, 2016

|| flowery love ||

I do not want anything from you
a boat of courage
a bowl of faith
a flowery love
fragrant and spreading fragrance

To live and quicken
the emotional relations that are turning barren
to wipe and wash
the layers of dirt that are occupying the mind
for the body that has become dry and stony
with the sucking of blood

not to satisfy the desire of pleasure
but to quench the thirst of mind
to acquire pious satisfaction of the soul
to erase the spots appearing
from shocking attacking eyes
to liberate the breathes
from the suffocation of smoke rings
to narrate the story of dusty attack on the mind
to open each and every aspect of agony
and share the heat of stress
the pressure of world in front of you

I do not want anything from you
a boat of courage
a bowl of faith
a flowery love...
that is fragrant and spreading fragrance

You are the hut of autumn leaves
that have fallen from the tree of love
you are like sandy bank of silver range
not only of the body
but also of the silent mind
you are the ‘supreme river’
of ultimate happiness
like the waves in palms
in the palms of the waves
resounding with the fantasy of pure love
in my palms
your love like a conch shell
sticking to my breath
listening to my breathing
permitting love to breathe

the sound of the conch
echoing permanently
ringing like the winds
thundering like the clouds
it showers
whether you and I hear it or not
it is heard in every heartbeat

I do not want anything from you

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

three short poems

|| exploration ||

explore within me
the subterranean river

I explore within
the nameless ocean

address the
unaddressed cave-home
in my heart
your touch is inscribed
with your name
the damp-warm comfort of the soul
that sweeps the body away

with eyes like fingers
you dig my bleak mountains
and create a fragrant
succulent valley of flowers

the soul knows
the divine comfort
of the nature of life

|| eternal raga ||

the tender fist
of my experience
I want
to hold
the absolute
delight of love

Seeping out
of the body
I permeate
your space to
plunge into an
eternal raga

Becoming your life
my life beats
in my heart, my heartbeat
is yours now
playing your tune

|| essence ||

I settle
my unwavering gaze
on the moon of love
so the essence of her light
may surface

this is love

Sunday, August 21, 2016

|| element ||

Like birds
eyes sow
love seeds

From the crack
of the heart
springs forth
the tree of gods

in the earth of the body
the celestial tree of desire

In the space
of  the body
create cool moonbeams
warm sunrays

The elements
of the body come
together to manifest love

In love
breath understands
the language of quickened breath
the aquiver body
the flushed cheek

In the body of the heart
rhythm dissolves
has its own script
own words
own meaning
own rhythm

In solitude
the perfume of love
and salve of perfume

In love
we dissolve in each other
you live me as I live you

Love desires
in body
the feel of the beloved
consonance takes root
the soil of the body
has its own spring

The love-fired body
brims with elixir

Divine threshold of the physical
love offers itself
          dissolving simply

Thursday, August 11, 2016

|| dream canvas ||

I have your words
and you have my silence
you are my restless dream
I, the world of your desire

On the canvas of dreams
I paint brightly, give names unforgettable
luscious colours like you
names unforgettable, like you.

In my memory live your words
the true companions of loneliness
in the golden palm of sun rays
I place the eternal kiss of the loving glance.

I imbue alien winds
with love-scented dream-breath
and turn a strange word

As children create sandcastles
living dream play in the reality of life
in the expanse of your being
I sow the seeds of my desire

My desire
awaiting the footfall of creation
my heart beating to the sound of love
the sound, of our love

Saturday, August 6, 2016

|| colours of spring ||

Love occurs inside the body-cave
like a magic
and dazzles you
while amazing you

Love enters inside the body-cave
like a light
wraps a net of profoundness
creates the solo experience of couple
with the lines that are colourless
like an artist
inside the mural of the body

With touch
of tender delicate paintbrush
on the wall of the body
the love-pictures appear
in the inner body, not
on the outer body

The soul touches
every pore having the feeling
of the indelible, indifferent, cognate
just its presence unites the two body murals
from above and inside

it makes a ‘house’ by itself
a ‘house’ of love
a ‘house’ of faith
a ‘house’ of submission

Like the child who makes his first home
inside the mother’s womb
writes his first text with his heartbeats
on the women’s chest

The fruit of love’s result
grows in the body-tree of the woman
and like the spring
blossoms on the body-chest of the woman

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

|| cees maurick ||

Feet firmly planted on ground
as though they grew
out of the earth
like some forest species
reflected in his eye
the blue of the sky turns bluer
from the ocean the tender-hearted friend
fills his heart
boundless in his affection

Tired with the world
he seeks haven in the forest
more civilized than the world

This animal loving hunter
hunts to save the forest
and its denizens

As the talk turns serious
his forefinger describes
an unending whorl on his temple
as if tightening the invisible
screws of his brain

To indicate money
he rubs the tip of his forefinger against his thumb
And says - Money

Money… and Mind
that is Cees Maurick
Money calls for Mind
but Mind calls for something
that only Cees Maurick knows

From the walls of his
river-front home
heads of deer turn
their innocent eyes
wondering at the goings-on
birds perching
turning tables into living branches

Following a day spent
unraveling the intricacies of commerce
the evening finds him
among his animals
stroking their bodies, their fur
nudging their foreheads
their lifeless
bodies hold the joy of touch

For children, the hand
of an angel
for friends the hand
of a friend
for dear ones
the touch of living love
the worst enemy
of the violent

Countering worry with amusement
he dissolves his laughter
sharing his energy
in friendship with friends and family
he is the wine
that lubricates the machinery
of his business

His home, a strange aviary
of forest and water bird
models and masks
he loves his forest animals
like friends
and like his home
loves the forest

I often wonder
though commerce be his blood
is the forest his home
are animals his friends
is life his real love