Saturday, August 6, 2016

|| colours of spring ||

Love occurs inside the body-cave
like a magic
and dazzles you
while amazing you

Love enters inside the body-cave
like a light
wraps a net of profoundness
creates the solo experience of couple
with the lines that are colourless
like an artist
inside the mural of the body

With touch
of tender delicate paintbrush
on the wall of the body
the love-pictures appear
in the inner body, not
on the outer body

The soul touches
every pore having the feeling
of the indelible, indifferent, cognate
just its presence unites the two body murals
from above and inside

it makes a ‘house’ by itself
a ‘house’ of love
a ‘house’ of faith
a ‘house’ of submission

Like the child who makes his first home
inside the mother’s womb
writes his first text with his heartbeats
on the women’s chest

The fruit of love’s result
grows in the body-tree of the woman
and like the spring
blossoms on the body-chest of the woman

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