Sunday, August 21, 2016

|| element ||

Like birds
eyes sow
love seeds

From the crack
of the heart
springs forth
the tree of gods

in the earth of the body
the celestial tree of desire

In the space
of  the body
create cool moonbeams
warm sunrays

The elements
of the body come
together to manifest love

In love
breath understands
the language of quickened breath
the aquiver body
the flushed cheek

In the body of the heart
rhythm dissolves
has its own script
own words
own meaning
own rhythm

In solitude
the perfume of love
and salve of perfume

In love
we dissolve in each other
you live me as I live you

Love desires
in body
the feel of the beloved
consonance takes root
the soil of the body
has its own spring

The love-fired body
brims with elixir

Divine threshold of the physical
love offers itself
          dissolving simply

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