Friday, September 30, 2016

|| love-bird ||

on every page of the body
lips have inscribed
unspoken words

in separation
the body
rustles like pages

wish to fly
away from my body-book
to become
pages in the book of your body

as after dark
the Desolate Earth
drinks in the sun
after the deadly
the Bleak Earth
gathers dust

after the searing storm
the Breathless Earth
sucks breath from the wind
dried to the core
the Charred Earth
soaks in the wetness from the rain

after the terrible bolt
the Deafened Earth
searches for
the sweetness of solitude
seared with the
piercing light
the Senseless Earth sleeps
in the dark lap of stillness

after a bone dry spell
the Cracked Earth lives
the dew drop
as the Leaf Dappled Autumn Earth
awaits the coming of the spring
so I imbibe you
like breath
in the body
of the Carnal Earth

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

|| journey ||

within midnight
as the earth sleeps
in each and every corner
the leaves stop shuddering
silence breathes, audibly
Nature starts taking the form

the night is awake
in the slumbering earth
and the stars are shining

though fallen to sleep
she does not dream
she starts a soft conversation

I – live you
and in that only I live myself
I – listen to you
but I hear my own echo
I – see myself
whenever I wish to see you
I – weave your will to live
like my dreams
I – taste your perplexity
like my unbearable anxiety
I – touch the unending end of your soul
inside the endless layers of my soul

I encompass the land of love
in my memories along with you
as the earth sleeps within midnight
and reality is a dream of reality

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

|| intimacy ||

Tender words
like the unborn child
inside the chest of sensations
and fill in the entire body – anonymously

intimate words
push into the dependable hands
and kiss
the cheerless face
salty tears immerse into the
pure moist moment of a kiss
the threshold of mind is covered
with this moistness of words
and the entire body – becomes damp

the thrill inside the heart
manifests inside the body of heart
like the fresh tender softness
of a newborn child
the tenderness of love
flows down into the
soul of this language

a more fascinating effect
than the kiss
the sensation of this story told

Sunday, September 11, 2016

|| in my heart of hearts ||

Deeply supped
The golden drops of sunshine have I

Your memories
I have placed beside the crescent moon

Touched with my lips
The glistering, pure dew have I

The vernal seed of your love
Cherished in my heart of hearts

Through the windows of my mind
You hold me under your spell

Deep within
the labyrinths of my being have I

You, the man of my dreams, remains

Arm in arm
on the journeys within have I

The mate of my soul, my confidante akin

Through the windows of my mind
You hold me under your spell

Cherished in my heart of hearts

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

|| i know you ||

I know you
as the flower knows its fragrance
as the water knows its taste

I know you
as the earth knows to take in water
and the water knows to get into the earth

I know you
as the flower knows its fruit
its seed

I know you
as the winds know the monsoon clouds
as the clouds know the thirst of the earth

I know you
as the words know their meaning

I know you
as the earth knows Nature’s seasons
as the seasons that know their fruits, flowers, crops

I know you
as the rain that knows its insects

I know you and I save you
sometimes from your showers
sometimes from my winds

I know you
as the earth that knows its seed
and the seed that knows its earth

I know you
as the treetop knows its roots
and the roots know the tree’s nourishment

I know you
as the seeds smell their seasons
and the earth knows the anxiety of the seed

I know you
as the woman who experiences
the vibration of foetus becoming an infant

I know you
as the silence has its own words
as the vacuum has its meaningful echo
just the same way, I know you

I know you
as the soul knows the need for body
the body knows the happiness of soul

I know you
As I keep silent
as your love remains silent
in my soul

Thursday, September 1, 2016

|| i agree ||

I agree
like the deserted earth
that sips sunlight
after a cold night

like the empty earth
that breathes dust particles
after life taking love

like the lifeless earth
that sucks the vital elements from air
after a scorching storm

like the hot earth
that soaks moist filled humidity
after getting burnt till deep inside

like the earth that has become deaf
due to the noise
that is searching the sweetness of loneliness
to live
after the mystery terminating blow

like the earth that is burnt from tearing brightness
is sleeping in the dark laps of silence
completely insensate
after being scorched

like the dry earth that is living
for a dew drop
after deep dryness

like the earth that is covered with autumn leaves
awaiting the knock of spring
a life-giving tender touch

in the same way
just the same way
I accept you
in my body
vital to my life