Wednesday, September 21, 2016

|| journey ||

within midnight
as the earth sleeps
in each and every corner
the leaves stop shuddering
silence breathes, audibly
Nature starts taking the form

the night is awake
in the slumbering earth
and the stars are shining

though fallen to sleep
she does not dream
she starts a soft conversation

I – live you
and in that only I live myself
I – listen to you
but I hear my own echo
I – see myself
whenever I wish to see you
I – weave your will to live
like my dreams
I – taste your perplexity
like my unbearable anxiety
I – touch the unending end of your soul
inside the endless layers of my soul

I encompass the land of love
in my memories along with you
as the earth sleeps within midnight
and reality is a dream of reality

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