Thursday, September 1, 2016

|| i agree ||

I agree
like the deserted earth
that sips sunlight
after a cold night

like the empty earth
that breathes dust particles
after life taking love

like the lifeless earth
that sucks the vital elements from air
after a scorching storm

like the hot earth
that soaks moist filled humidity
after getting burnt till deep inside

like the earth that has become deaf
due to the noise
that is searching the sweetness of loneliness
to live
after the mystery terminating blow

like the earth that is burnt from tearing brightness
is sleeping in the dark laps of silence
completely insensate
after being scorched

like the dry earth that is living
for a dew drop
after deep dryness

like the earth that is covered with autumn leaves
awaiting the knock of spring
a life-giving tender touch

in the same way
just the same way
I accept you
in my body
vital to my life

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