Thursday, December 25, 2014

|| tender hearted friend ||

you are the
scripture of my heart
my only book

you are the pencil
of my soul
the cordial writer
of my candid feeling

you are
my only poem
the true document of my creation

you are
my only faith
the real companion of my soul
holy fruit of my deeds
the elixir of
my life force
you are the breath in my body
the tender hearted friend
of my consciousness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

|| element ||

like birds
eyes sow
love seeds

from the crack
of the heart
springs forth
the tree of gods

in the earth of the body
the celestial tree
of desire

in the space
of the body
cool moonbeams
warm sunrays

the elements
of the body come
together to manifest

Sunday, December 14, 2014

|| fount ||

becoming you
words see me
becoming words
i see you

on your soul
is the shadow
of god's love
your spirit
a part of god

in your love
i perceive love
touching you
i touch the god of love
in words
you create love

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

|| horizon ||

like clouds
we are
our own horizon

in love
we have become
the ocean
we are
the horizon of the sea

in love
the sky drinks in
the sea
the sea lives
the sky
in your tenderest moments
you live

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

|| you and i ||

on the island bosom
of the river
waves inscribe
the river's desire
like i

on the sandy shore
of the ocean
breakers print
the dream of the ocean
like you

on the forlorn
bosom of earth
sometimes dew
sometimes raindrops
write the unique ballad
of thirst and quenching.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

|| he births in me love ||

he hears me
like his first love
he plays with me
like childhood memories.

he feeds me
the first morsel of his love
he sees me
as his future

he nurtures me
like his palms
he kisses me
like his precious dream

he reads my silence
like the most powerful dialogue

he shapes me with his love
he gives me the joy of re-birth
before birthing his progeny
he births in me love.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

|| letter of desire ||

within you
my love has blossomed
like the fantastic
blossom laden tree
of the earth

my eyes long
to see themselves
reflected in the
love in your eyes

within me is the
fluttering, restless as
your eyes letter
of desire
your eyes wrote

your eyes
imprint on me
the deep pleasure of memory
the thirst of un-lived longing

within me
the memorable touch
of your embrace
in that ring
i dissolve
and become a river of love

my shadow
becomes one
with your

Saturday, November 15, 2014

|| love ||

love blooms and
and settles in the eye

one with the
rhythm of breathing
words dissolve
in their own rhythm
as raag in words
as words in raag

in the face of opposition
love has created love

love echoes
and men forget themselves

only love remains
as the sea
remains in the sea
the earth
in the earth
the sun
in the sun
and water
in thirst.

Monday, November 10, 2014

|| you happened ||

you happened
and i could
sniff the suppressed ache
of fallow land
that has sprung up
with spring
and a musky sky
and flapping flight

your words
released in me
a transparent fall
against thirst ...

you happened to me
and i knew
how flowers get their perfume
and tenderness
how sunshine colors them
how the heart
expands into a tree
where the butterfly
gets fetching colors
why the honey bees
build a honey-comb
hanging on a branch

seeing myself
in your eyes
i know
why the river flows
on and on
like time ...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

|| like a letter ||

like a letter
you entered the
mail-box of my life
and became the love letter of the soul

in the sweet milky light
when moonlight dissolves
into the glitter of the stars
turning into a dream
the moon sleeps in my eyes

with the candle of loneliness
melt sometimes words
sometimes i ....

breathing in words
drenched in sweat
reliving that tender memory
i place the muggy ache of my heart
in my sweaty palm

words hold
in their palms
magic reality

in the secret casket of words
in deep solitude
words are born wordlessly
as a new date
is born at midnight

every morning
the sun pours sunshine
into the new date
as love replenishes
the fount of words
as mountains deliver
their river of love

lips know the honeyed
shiny touch of words
as the poet's lips
know the
words of her poem
the lips of the poem
know the lips of the poet
like words
like love in words.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

|| nature ||

divided into two
the earth remains one
the two poles remain
connected like you and i

becoming air
your breath becomes part of me
you create the nature
within me

your being
is the sun's light
your love
the constant earth with me

you are
and the world is
mine like home

in the twitter of birds
your words
promise redemption
for me.

(Photo : Unknown)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

|| galaxy ||

without you
time flows in me
like a river

i bathe in
the loneliness-infested
river of fear
i harden the
earth of my heart to
stone that you
chisel to beauty

days of pleasure
bury themselves
in the dust of time

in my silence
i live your divine love
your silent decorous cordiality

in the dark loneliness
your name is
part of the universe
swimming across the
galaxy of the body
eyes want to reach
the other end
to find liberation
from still time.

(Painting : Tina Klitgaard Eriksen)

Friday, October 17, 2014

|| in love ||

the body
has been sanctified
bathed in the
elixir running over
our bodies

in love
eyes look inwards
the heart thinks
with an inner core
memories hold
the unwavering reflection
of the skittish image

awaiting love
eager breath
sweeps the path
and contemplates the coming
of beloved.

(Painting : Lissa Bockrath)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

|| your words ||

in the letter
words arrive
on soundless feet
quiet as your eyes

they watch
the silence of my face

from the words of the letter
my eyes drink
your tears,

the eyes of your words
absorb my disquiet

in your words breathes
your restlessness
the uncontestable narrative
of loneliness.

the symphony
of the tortured soul
plays on

your only alternative
are words you wrote
intimate, quiet.

(Drawing : Akshay Ameria)

Monday, September 29, 2014

|| exploration ||

explore within me
the subterranean river

i explore within
the nameless ocean
that sweeps the body away

address the
unaddressed cave home
in my heart

your touch is inscribed
with your name
for the damp-warm
comfort of the soul

with the eyes of your fingers
you dig my bleak mountains
and create a fragrant
succulent valley of flowers

the soul knows
the divine comfort
of the nature of life

Monday, September 22, 2014

|| picture ||

hanging on the wall
your picture would have
turned it in a breathing body

like an eternal lamp
your picture would have
turned a part of the wall
into a sacred niche

that part of the wall
would have grown two palms
eager to hold your picture

with the spring imbued
sweep of your eye
that section of the wall
would have turned
into a vast canvas

gathering thick like
clouds your picture
would have turned
that portion of the wall
into the sky

covering a portion
the size of the heart
your picture would have
turned the wall
into an animate entity

hanging on the wall
your picture
would have acquired
eyes restless as
the waiting beloved
who like your
liquid eyes
prepares the sky
for the dreamy cloud of alpana.

(Painting : Philippe Zanolino)

Friday, September 19, 2014

|| practitioner ||

my eyes contain your picture
they are your album
within me
the voice of love echoes and plays
like a new raga
and sings unwavering
like a practitioner

in my heart
beat your heartbeats
my breath constant
in the practice of love

like the sculptor of khajuraho
i created a living sculpture of love
you unveiled it
in my eyes

Monday, September 8, 2014

|| dream canvas ||

i have
your words
and you have
my silence

with you are
my restless dreams
with me
the world
of your desire

on the canvas
of dreams
i paint bright
luscious colors
and give them names
like you

in my memory
live your words
the true companions
of loneliness

in the golden palm
of sun rays
i place the
eternal kiss
of the loving glance

i imbue
aline winds
with love scented dream-breath
and turn a strange word

as children
create sand-castles
living dream play
in the reality of life

in the expanse of your being
i sow the seeds
of my desire
awaiting the footfall of creation
my heart beats to
the sound of love.

(Painting : Kappari Kishan)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

|| i earn you ||

as the earth
earns from the sun
her day
as breath
earns from the wind

as one earns
from the river
water and sanctity

as one earns
from god

as one earns
from the sun
heat and energy

in relinquishing
i earn you
from you.

(Painting : Claudia Stach)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

|| rain drops ||

you live in me
as rain drops in the cloud
as colors
in the rainbow

the fish sing
the song of
welcome for the sun
as i sing
your love

the winds
looking for you
in search of
the scent of love.

(Painting : Aditya Basak)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

|| you ||

are lonelier
than i
though i
wait for you
more than
you wait
for yourself

we seek our time
in the chronometer of
each others' pulsations
i want to see
my time
as a squealing, happy infant
in your lap

there is nothing
as delicate
as love
left to live on earth

in the absence of your palm
the earth has shrunk

my palms
that contained
wholesome days
intimate nights
now hold
tender restlessness
trembling of dreams
the noise of
the heart
beating against
a deserted beach

sleeping in your eyes
my eyes dreamed
intoxicating dreams

living in
your love
i feel
the beat of time
the death of dreams.

(Painting : Ganesh Pyne)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

|| as i need you ||

before they speak
lips want
the meaning of the word

before they touch
fingers want
the movement of passion

before it beats
the heart
wants the body

before they walk
want the path

a kindred destination
the destination
needs life

life needs
the faith of love

before becoming a tree
the seed needs
the earth, the sun, water

as i need
before i need

(Sculptor : Philip Wakeham) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

|| synonym of love ||

the river
the comfort of the moon
through the night
the moon explores her
from bosom to womb
turning the fish silver

archives of the rendezvous
of the river and the moon
the silver fish
search for the moonlight
dissolved in the river
becoming a synonym of love
as you
are dissolved in

in the flow of the river
the tune of the river's love
turns sounds into words

the moon learns
from the river
the language of love
dissolving in the river
it sings
in the waves
the song of rapture
and writes
a new language of love

as i
suck from your breath
the life force of love
for the vitality of my words
so they may
unveil their silence
to create
the everlasting
pure language of love.

(Painting : Hesham taha)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

|| the muddy lettering on the river ||

even after the sun has set
its heart is being retained

even after the tears have dried up
its salty taste lingers on

when the river has gone through its abb
and flow
it is blotched with muddy letter-like

even though you have gone far away
your perfume has remained in my

even in my private golden dream
in the dead of night after the sun has set
your eloquent words of faithfulness loses
in my heart of heart

when the good old days are changing
overtaken by the
river of time
some drops are able to become part of
the river
despite the boiling tide
like some barren comer of the world
has been able to heed the delight of the
efflorescence of the
geminating seed
just like some potters are able to take
of the wheel
despite the heavy rain
some drops are still managing to reach
the earth

likewise the lips are longing for more
after having been kissed
and we yearn to be separated
after having been intimate
just like one's heart-desire
leaves furrows behind in the brow
a lonely heart will hide its eyes between
the knees
like a wilting trunk
is seen doing - even if only seen
for can even the legs
of a stone image get up
and get anywhere ?

to play it safe
some words come fluttering down
to me river so often
like the fluff of the silk cotton tree
and instantly
are converted into a silky thread
that writes some of the saved
words into sparkling words
to address in a powerful way.

(Painting : Mara Light)

Friday, July 25, 2014

|| i chose you ||

To writ together
that magic world love
on the sea-shore
i chose you
as one would
a virginal sheet of paper.

Nascent dreams chose you
to put the light
of the full moon
in the eyes of your heart.

To place in your palm
the melting warmth of love
the glowing elixir of my palm
i chose you
for you are the
companion of my soul.

(Painting : Seema Kohli)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book About The NETHERLANDS written by Dr. Pushpita handed to the AMBASSADOR in INDIA

The book 'Netherland versus Holland Life Culture' written in Hindi by Dr. Pushpita Awasthi on the Netherlands and the Sarnami and Hindi language handed over by editor Dinesh Chandra Bhatt to the ChargĂ© d’Affaires a.i. Mr. Alibux of the Surinam Embassy and to the Dutch ambassador Mr. Stoelinga.
The book is about Dutch history, culture, religions, social system, educational system, literature, art, cinema, cuisine etc. The book also deals with the relationship between the Sarnami language and the Hindi language. Sarnami is spoken in Surinam and in the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Dutch of Surinam origin. The origin of the Sarnami language lies in India.
In the Netherlands the book will be presented to the Ambassador of India in the Netherlands Mr Rajesh Nandan Prasad, in the Gandhi Centre located in The Hague during the International Hindi Conference on June 25th. The conference will be attended by among others: Rabin Baldewsingh, deputy mayor of the Hague, Mr Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Member of Indian Parliament and Annette van der Hoek, Indologist. Hindi and Sarnami writers and poets will be part of the conference. During the conference Dutch writers promoting Sarnami and Hindi Language will be honored.

Friday, July 18, 2014

|| the statue in the rock ||

The statue in the rock
through their worship
they create love
with their faith impregnated
deep within themselves
they produce
a new
kind of folk art

through their devotion
they are endlessly filled
with faith and love
that is reflected in their ecstatic eyes
echoing the resounding silence of their
creating a serenity in their soul
where worship produce love
where worship is love

through their devotion
they yearn to be touched
after the NIRJALA VRIT
demands total submission
before the image of
emerging from beyond the soul
the touch of the stone-image of their
is converted into their hands
as a response to their touch
into an experience of the divine power
of their object of adoration
flowing dissolved into their blood
through their devotion
they are touched
as if by the father of the mountain as in
the case with the mother of the rivers

bestows boundless love
a virtual sea of honey
that the legs would rush
to witness again and again
through their unbounded, deep
passion for worship
they hope to reach
the boundless of the soul
which in the eyes of the worshippers
is injecting divine splendor
into the stone-image
just like the body
enlivens itself with love.

(Painting : Kalamkari Painting. Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art that originated about 3000 years ago.)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

|| that letter ||

The letter
will arrive and enquire after sorrow

that will wipe off the tears from

the eyes,
the seat of love
in any part
at any restaurant
on any stage
on any bench
when entering any lodge
just as entering any inch, for
but unlike exploring a certain
familiar spot
a record
with data

and the promptness of the postal
the letter

whose words will bridge over time
at times through tearful eyes
at times with dry shivering lips
at times as long, deep and weary
sighs of happiness when
the eyes will quietly fix upon them

having read the words the eyes will
know the wet grief of
the lingering agony of a
muffled and distressing loneliness

that cannot be told to anybody
but to
the very soul of the letter.

(Painting : Isabel Pinheiro)

Monday, July 7, 2014

|| toys ||

Children grow
toys become small
the mother stores
the toys to touch
their leftover childhood.

As soon as the
children know the lie
of life hidden in toys
they leave home
in search of the
truth of life.

The mother looks
for their fingers
hidden in their toys
to forget the pain
of the separation
from the child
gone abroad she
kisses the toys
her children kissed.

Touching the memories
of her children left in
the toys she eases the
pain of her memories.

In her memories she
keeps her children's toys
and in toys her hungry
motherly touch thinking
the toys too miss her children.

Sometimes she puts
the old tricycle in
the forlorn garden and
remembers her children's
feet now in military boots
or trudging alien paths.

With her old eyes
the mother blessed the
dreamy new world of
her children's eyes
that is untouched by

tears of slavery even
now she e-mails to
them the magic messages
from childhood scriptures
and life - 'a slave is happy
not even in his dreams'
'love truly and thou shall be united
with thy love.'

As soon as the
children know the lie
of life hidden in toys
they leave home
in search of the
truth of life.

Leaving the toy animals
children set out to win
the war against the animal
hidden within men.

Abandoning toy planes
and cars
children leave in search
of a new life
better than their parent's
they had heard in their father's
heartbeat seen swinging
in their mother's eye.

(Painting : Milly Martionou)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

|| let love happen ||

On the leaves of the heart
write the truth of love
not the illusion of amour.

Like the palms of the potter
press and knead of the earth of the heart
shape the body of love in the heart
not the illusion of amour.

Let love happen
to the soul like a divine feeling
not magic so the soul can be free
from the ties of the body
and visit moksha

Love is the music born
of the instrument of the body
play it like a practitioner.

Love, the amour of the chords
of the body-instrument
the primitive song of intimate moments...

(Painting : Manish Pushkale)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

|| love arrives ||

Love arrives at
the door of the body
as delight.

To woo the body
the mind places the
ever burning lamp
in the niche of the heart.

On the wall of the
core of the heart
it hangs a dream calendar
with living photos of amour
riding the solar cycle
of days, months, years.

In the home
within the body
cooks the mouth watering
spread of love
to satiate hunger
to waken hunger sometimes.

In the courtyard of
the body-home
hangs the enchanting cage
with the beautiful parrot
who sings the song of the body
tells the story of the heart.

Within the body
the tambourine of the heart
plays the eternal song of the body.

(Painting : Sara Ranjbar)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

|| tender hearted friend ||

You are the
scripture of my heart
my only book.

You are the pencil
of my soul
the cordial writer
of my candid feeling.

You are
my only poem
the true document of my creation.

You are
my only faith
the real companion of my soul
holy fruit of my deeds
the elixir of
my life force.

You are the breath in my body
the tender hearted friend
of my consciousness.

(Paintings : Madan Lal)  

Friday, June 13, 2014

|| native desires ||

Amidst alien heat and frost
the deck of the heart
lies abandoned like
the wet mark of
a memory-wound.

From the light house of desire
at the VEERANARI beach
ancient eyes scan
a luminous past.

Absorbed in the
memory of the beloved
face resting between palms
holding native desires
my palms become
her palms.

(Painting : Toni Shulajkovski)

Friday, June 6, 2014

|| the eternal shadow ||

To the sun
i hand your heat
to the river
i offer your cool
to the winds
i hand your spring

To the flower
i give the colour of your lips
to the tree
the height of your touch
to the earth
your earthy fragrance

To nature
i dedicate the echo of your breath
in the garden
i plant the eternal tree of your faith
from your image
i take for myself
the eternal shadow
that comes to my soul
from your soul to
quietly tell me your unlived desires
the lonely monologue of your day
the solitary lament of your nights

In the idol in the temple
i offer your faith
in God
the purity of godliness
after i meet you.

(Painting : Somnath Hore)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

|| birthday ||

Birthdays remind
of receding days
they shorten the life
of dreams snatch
some wishes
fill the emptiness of life
which can not be filled
moving feet complete
the perambulation of
life each year.

Eyes wish to cover
beloved faces with the
joy of cordiality that
is scrubbed away by
the grazing of interests
through the year.

On a birthday
smile wishes to soak-up
happiness off each laughing
congratulatory face even
as the lips know the
hollowness of the smile.

At the birthday celebration
held between warm palms
palms wish to forget
all hatred-despair-animosity
knowing well this transient meeting
is meant to turn into forgetfulness.

(Painting : Subhash Babhulkar)

Friday, May 16, 2014

|| hunger of dreams ||

You are with me
like pleasure
like the ground with roots.

Your touch
awakens me
as the sun touches the earth.

You read me inside out
like eyes read everything
going beyond words and breath.

You are with me
like the truth of the dream
like vision with eyes.

You are there and
dreams lived in the eye
dissolve in the loving body
the lines and colours of dreams
reveal themselves in the body.

You are with me
the earthy fragrance of ripe corn spreads
the hunger of dreams is satiated.

As though a cloud-body
near a snowy mountain top
shy, wrapped in itself
eager to rain on the glacier.

(Painting : Shivakumar Sunagar)

Monday, May 12, 2014

|| seeds ||

The woman bears
with and keeps quiet
like night.

The woman burns
and remains calm
like the spark.

The woman moves on
living with limits
like the river.

The woman blossoms
and flourishes and is
ever hungry
like the tree.

The woman drizzles
and rains and is
ever thirsty
like clouds.

The woman makes
a home and always
remains homeless
like the birds.

The woman is
a resounding voice
but is silent
like the word.

The woman births
man and remains a slave
like the seed.

(Painting : miniature painting from Rajasthan, India)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

|| words caught in between the ribs ||

some words
hoping to escape from the paper
came out flapping
like birds or butterflies

some words
like perfume
wished to settle into the paper

some words
no matter what shape they take
are only conscious of themselves
but when
they are now in human hands
they become dangerous
even to man himself

there is no sense
of pleasure left now
in the charming words
and from the words of man
still exude the lingering smell of his
animal self

and now a days
there are sham flowers
made of paper and plastic
that one even hopes to capture their
in transparent flasks

new words, then
are given to these flowers
that hopefully would let them flourish
just like
man has been converted into
computers and electronics
with 'robot' as his new name

but some of the words
absurd and meaningless
have only their hollow sounds left to
and they
do not realize in time
that they do not ring true anymore
on their bed of paper
but like the last breath
within the chest
of an old patient
that gurgles
every time he is about to give up
the ghost.

(Painting : Agustin Castillo)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

|| in words she ||

In words
she saves

In words
she saves her desires.
In words
she saves the essence
of her sensibilities.

She uses words
like a vault
to store words of love
the dazzling jewels
of the heart
and coins of the body.

In words she stores
the nagging pain of her breath
the moisture of tears
trapped in lungs
the loneliness of heart
the pain of grief.

In words
she says it all
her words
do not speak
they just open their eyes
and enter
the discerning eye
and in the guise of words

On the palm
of words she
paints patterns
of desire
and in desire
she paints words
in words
the magic of love
unseen, permeates the
senses as heavenly pleasure.

In the word
she lives as meaning
imbuing them with
her essence.

Fighting the bogeys
of the subconscious
a new word transcends
the thesaurus.

In words
she saves herself
and in surviving words
finds herself and
extracts from them
life for her sinking breath
and glazing eye.

In words
she registers
her remaining time
the heartbeat of time.

In words
she keeps
the words of
her essence
from the essence
of her god
she creates new
words of love.

(Painting : Virginia Bacellar)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

|| masks ||

The woman was
the world

A century went by.

The woman has
been hearing the
hollow, scary words
of the world.

Children call them

(Painting : Preet Khokhar)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

|| the earth ||

The earth bears
the pain of
being alive like
a lonely women

Folks scratch her innards
trample on her
for their crazy pleasure
some decorate and preserve her
as they do a lonely women

All watch the destruction
the earth too sees
her slow destruction
and still, through
her own powers
creates balance
against destructive forces

Like the lonely women
the lonely earth saves
her verdure
her rain
her coolness
her fertility
her purity
her identity.

(Painting : Claudia Stach)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

|| an apology for surrender ||

For the bird to give up
its fluttering
is tantamount to
the sun giving up its heat
or for the wind to
stop blowing

for the lips of the river to defer
its thirst
is tantamount to
effectively dissolving into quietude
or for silence to
reside into a secluded corner

yes ... thereafter

everything is saved up
that must bring her recognition

in the temple
she readily returns,
as a show of respect,
everything to god
for an intense peace of mind

is the silence
like that of the written words

are open
like a book

the pencil
fixed between the fingers of the hand
writes down the lines
and the crimpy words

that soul, however
not knowing how to present its own
wants to explain to others
to understand that
ambition is ambition
god is god.

(Painting : Masashi Harada)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

|| your tulip-like eyes ||

Like a bird
your eyes nurture
dreams for others

Busy searching
for joy for others
your eyes create joy
in their pure depths

Becoming lips
my eyes drink
the beauty
of your eyes

Reaching your tulip-like
eyes the fire of loneliness
dies down

From your eyes
i take the vision and power
to see and create the world

For your eyes
i would creat
a world that
has no tears

For the world
tears and water
in the eye
for you they are
the fire of pain

Of your eyes are
born dreams for
forlorn, frightened
innocent eyes

Through your eyes pass
paths of peace reaching
the unfathomed ocean
where i wash terrible wounds.

(Painting : Paritosh Sen)

Monday, April 7, 2014

|| the necessity of needs ||

When hungry
one craves for bread
when thirsty
one needs clear pure water

when the need occurs
to roll up one's sleeves
one then needs strong hands
inner strength
but not the brute strength of an animal

for living
one needs a home
not marble-erected walls

to get a life
one needs love
not just a relationship
one needs somebody
in the shape of a man
or in the shape of a woman
but not just a male or female

for endearment
one needs trustful words
sincere words of love
for anger
one needs the correct words
for a revolution
one needs powerful words

to be drenched
one needs a seasonal cloud burst
and not a shower in the bathroom
for breathing
one needs clean fresh air

for a good song
one needs the passion of the singers
and not merely their humming along
if only
a full grown sapling would appear
whenever the pot falls apart
and not just the noise.

(Painting : Ronit Kristal)

Monday, March 31, 2014

|| magic of the body ||

In the first thrill of love
the wakeful eye
within knew
the magic of the body
within the body

Overcome with a
novel sensation silent
words squealed
and were born

In the bliss of flight
i tasted the elixir
of my own body
on the lips of
the beloved

Moon gazing eyes
knew the pleasure of the moon
with your touch
i drank the
manna of love

I want to contain
in my touch
every pore of
your being.

(Painting : Chaitali Mukherjee)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

|| from one nameless 'she' to another ||

She is
like a river
ever wakeful

she is
like a mountain
ever standing

she is
like the wind

she is
to get a glimpse
at the seasons
within herself

she is
to get a birth
in her own river

she is
to savor
her own flavor.

(Painting : P Gnana)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

|| by the painting of the children ||

on the walls of their dreams
are imprinting their footprints
in fiery colors
thereby creating the sun

for them the sky is not blue
but yellow
for them the sun is not yellow
but red
for the color of the trees
have already selected green
thereby expressing the feeling
of their heart

are expressing all their emotions
for everybody in all the colors of their heart

will either give up their souls
or their name to make a point

children have changed the colors of their
that will change in the future

but for now
they have chosen to take into their own
their present feelings
while entrusting the future
to their faith in you.

(Painting : Rupchand Kundu)

Monday, March 17, 2014

|| just like the gurgling babies ||

just like my youth
my luck has gone
like some cheerful breeze of air

just like the monsoon rains
emerging from the ocean
in a sudden sweep of the storm

that does not listen to the tinkling sounds
of the mountain,
like the pebbles the river carries or
pares without pause into exquisite pieces

just like a block of stone
in the soft and tender hands of an infant,
given, in a playful dream, to smoothen out
as if they are capable of molding it
into the shape of the grip of their hands

just like an infant in a swinging crib
would let out a joyful gurgling cry
thrilled with rapture as anyone would.

(Painting : Mugur Popa)