Saturday, May 3, 2014

|| in words she ||

In words
she saves

In words
she saves her desires.
In words
she saves the essence
of her sensibilities.

She uses words
like a vault
to store words of love
the dazzling jewels
of the heart
and coins of the body.

In words she stores
the nagging pain of her breath
the moisture of tears
trapped in lungs
the loneliness of heart
the pain of grief.

In words
she says it all
her words
do not speak
they just open their eyes
and enter
the discerning eye
and in the guise of words

On the palm
of words she
paints patterns
of desire
and in desire
she paints words
in words
the magic of love
unseen, permeates the
senses as heavenly pleasure.

In the word
she lives as meaning
imbuing them with
her essence.

Fighting the bogeys
of the subconscious
a new word transcends
the thesaurus.

In words
she saves herself
and in surviving words
finds herself and
extracts from them
life for her sinking breath
and glazing eye.

In words
she registers
her remaining time
the heartbeat of time.

In words
she keeps
the words of
her essence
from the essence
of her god
she creates new
words of love.

(Painting : Virginia Bacellar)

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