Friday, February 28, 2014

|| by colorful words ||

does not even read
her own writing
that others steal
and write underneath
their own name

independence and desire
are important words
in human life
to be included in her representation

when her tears have become
as plain as the call of the cuckoo
and she tastes the salt from her own eyes
how then can she stop weeping
against the very flow from her own eyes.

(Painting : Sunayna Malhotra)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

|| dream within dreams ||

The dream of becoming a river
is in the eyes
of the limpid water

the dream of becoming a sea
is in the eyes
of the unsteady river

the dream of becoming a cloud
is in the eyes
of the stormy sea

the dream of quenching their thirst
is in the eyes
of the gathering clouds

the dream of getting you
is in my
restless eyes
just like
pleasant dreams
are in the eyes
of the earth.

(Painting : Nisha Sharma sandhu)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

|| In alien land ||

Like shamed seasons
dreams lie in a corner
of the eye.

In the sun's heat
dreams smolder
and still life makes
new dreams like
foreign friends.

Alone in alien land
tiptoe timid memories
darkness rains even
on full-moon nights
like the intense meaning of sad.

Desire looks for
new leaves so
desires may breathe
and new desires spring.

(Painting : J Swaminathan)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

|| I know you ||

As the flower
knows its scent
water knows its own taste
the earth knows
to drink water
and water knows
to seep into the earth.

As the flower
its fruit, its seed
the winds know
the monsoon clouds
as clouds know
the thirst of the earth
words know
their meaning.

Season know their
flowers, fruits, crops
rain knows its insects
I know you.

As tendrils know the desire
of the root
seeds sence
the scent of seasons
the earth knows
the eagerness of
the seed.

As the soul knows
the desire of the body
the body knows the comfort
of the soul
I know you.

(Painting : Panorjit Palatthuam)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

|| A bird's eye-view ||

A bird
doesn't speak the language
of any one country
she doesn't even want to separate
herself from the sky

there are not tears in the eyes of
a bird
she knows how to fly

a bird
is never crippled
she doesn't want to triumph
in any war

a bird doesn't name her chicks
she doesn't want them
to be divided into different creeds

a bird doesn't seize at anything
she merely flies
and only wants to fly

that's why
she doesn't collect anything
neither by day
nor by night
has no rest
or offspring
she has neither a kitchen
nor a store-room
the whole earth
is her green abode
the bird impregnates the sky with her flying
a sky-flower
a colorful, beautiful and heavenly flower.