Wednesday, February 12, 2014

|| A bird's eye-view ||

A bird
doesn't speak the language
of any one country
she doesn't even want to separate
herself from the sky

there are not tears in the eyes of
a bird
she knows how to fly

a bird
is never crippled
she doesn't want to triumph
in any war

a bird doesn't name her chicks
she doesn't want them
to be divided into different creeds

a bird doesn't seize at anything
she merely flies
and only wants to fly

that's why
she doesn't collect anything
neither by day
nor by night
has no rest
or offspring
she has neither a kitchen
nor a store-room
the whole earth
is her green abode
the bird impregnates the sky with her flying
a sky-flower
a colorful, beautiful and heavenly flower.

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