Saturday, October 25, 2014

|| nature ||

divided into two
the earth remains one
the two poles remain
connected like you and i

becoming air
your breath becomes part of me
you create the nature
within me

your being
is the sun's light
your love
the constant earth with me

you are
and the world is
mine like home

in the twitter of birds
your words
promise redemption
for me.

(Photo : Unknown)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

|| galaxy ||

without you
time flows in me
like a river

i bathe in
the loneliness-infested
river of fear
i harden the
earth of my heart to
stone that you
chisel to beauty

days of pleasure
bury themselves
in the dust of time

in my silence
i live your divine love
your silent decorous cordiality

in the dark loneliness
your name is
part of the universe
swimming across the
galaxy of the body
eyes want to reach
the other end
to find liberation
from still time.

(Painting : Tina Klitgaard Eriksen)

Friday, October 17, 2014

|| in love ||

the body
has been sanctified
bathed in the
elixir running over
our bodies

in love
eyes look inwards
the heart thinks
with an inner core
memories hold
the unwavering reflection
of the skittish image

awaiting love
eager breath
sweeps the path
and contemplates the coming
of beloved.

(Painting : Lissa Bockrath)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

|| your words ||

in the letter
words arrive
on soundless feet
quiet as your eyes

they watch
the silence of my face

from the words of the letter
my eyes drink
your tears,

the eyes of your words
absorb my disquiet

in your words breathes
your restlessness
the uncontestable narrative
of loneliness.

the symphony
of the tortured soul
plays on

your only alternative
are words you wrote
intimate, quiet.

(Drawing : Akshay Ameria)