Sunday, March 29, 2015

|| language of love ||

at the beginning of
the century i place
my luscious lips
for words of love

with the cordiality of love
i will create a language
for a heartfelt dialogue
with the heart
alive to emotions
succulent, credible
so men of this earth
would know to love
their earthy women
who create the world
and men.

at the beginning of the century
i select love
for the span of the century

love can save - time
and in saving time
the century

love knows
to safeguard from the whims
of history time
and the historic inscription
on the heart of those
who love time.

for this century
we will create
a script
to unveil the language of love
as the script of touch
manifests the language of love
the unspoken intimacy of sweetness.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

|| i chose you ||

to write together that
short and sweet word
on the sea-shore
i chose you
as one choses
a virginal sheet of paper

new dreams chose you
to put the moonlight
of the full moon
in the eyes of your heart

to place in your palm
the melting warmth of love
the glowing elixir of my palm
i have chosen you
for your are
the companion of my soul.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

|| shadow ||

in the sun's shadow
is the sun

in the reflection
of light is light

in it's heat
the sun
multiplies its thirst
and bathing in the river
drinks it
the river
gathers within its soul
the sun
and lives
the divine body of light
to ease the agony
of the earth
the river becomes
one with the earth
as i become
one with you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

|| dream seed ||

in anticipation i
sow dream seeds

amidst contrary winds
i capture gossamer
silk cotton flocks
in my fist

tears washed
the doorstep of the heart
with words lips
painted alpana
and my heartbeat
sings new songs
to the beat of anticipation

anticipation is alive
with the soft footfall of arrival
the shadow of steps
the evocative call of palms
in the niche of eyes
pours the light of
the coming of the beloved
and a sun world glows

in the hush of anticipation
flashes the echo of arrival
intimate waves float
in the vacuum

an eternal world
begins to settle within me
steady as stars your
eyes watch the earth
of my eye celebrate seasons
of rainbow emotions

quiet, my eyes watch
the heavenly luminance
the constant orbit
of your love.

Monday, March 16, 2015

|| know you ||

the flower knows its scent
water knows its own taste
the earth knows
to drink water
and water knows
to seep into the earth.

the flower knows
its fruit, its seed
the winds know
the monsoon clouds
as clouds know
the thirst of the earth
words know their meaning

seasons know their
flowers, fruit, crops
rain knows its insects
i know you.

tendrils know the desire of the root
seeds sense the scent of seasons
the earth knows the eagerness of the seed

as the soul knows the desire of the body
the body knows the comfort of the soul
i know you.