Friday, March 20, 2015

|| dream seed ||

in anticipation i
sow dream seeds

amidst contrary winds
i capture gossamer
silk cotton flocks
in my fist

tears washed
the doorstep of the heart
with words lips
painted alpana
and my heartbeat
sings new songs
to the beat of anticipation

anticipation is alive
with the soft footfall of arrival
the shadow of steps
the evocative call of palms
in the niche of eyes
pours the light of
the coming of the beloved
and a sun world glows

in the hush of anticipation
flashes the echo of arrival
intimate waves float
in the vacuum

an eternal world
begins to settle within me
steady as stars your
eyes watch the earth
of my eye celebrate seasons
of rainbow emotions

quiet, my eyes watch
the heavenly luminance
the constant orbit
of your love.

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