Sunday, November 27, 2016

|| remembering native desires ||

Amidst alien heat and frost
the deck of the heart
lies abandoned like
the wet mark of
a memory-wound

From the boat-house of desire
ancient eyes scan
a luminous past

Absorbed in the
memory of the beloved
face resting between palms
holding native desires
my palms become
her palms

Like shamed seasons
dreams lie in a corner
of the eye
in the sun's heat they smolder
and still life makes
new ones like
foreign friends

Alone in an alien land
memories tiptoe with temerity
darkness rains even on full-moon nights
like the intense meaning of sadness

Desires demand new leaves
so they may breathe
and new desires spring
when they set
in the mould of desire

Life comes closer to life
as held in the arms
of the paper

The pen is
eager to speak

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

|| prayers sublimate ||

Dreams float over the body and mind
Deep into the night

They are like migratory birds hovering over
The roof tops of European houses
Who, after their sojourn in a land forlorn
Will head back home after the snowy winter

Just like us….
Ever awake, beyond the land of dreams

Eventually longings transmute into prayers
And prayers sublimate into a noble penance
For the realization of yearnings profound

Universal good shines beneath Creation’s protective armour
Dreams are our ultimate shield.

Friday, November 11, 2016

|| practitioner ||

My eyes contain your pictures
they are your album within me
the voice of love echoes and plays
like a new raga
their songs unwavering
like a practitioner

In my heart
beat your heartbeats
My breath constant
in the practice of love

Like the sculptor of Khajuraho
I created a living sculpture of love
you unveiled it, in my eyes