Sunday, November 27, 2016

|| remembering native desires ||

Amidst alien heat and frost
the deck of the heart
lies abandoned like
the wet mark of
a memory-wound

From the boat-house of desire
ancient eyes scan
a luminous past

Absorbed in the
memory of the beloved
face resting between palms
holding native desires
my palms become
her palms

Like shamed seasons
dreams lie in a corner
of the eye
in the sun's heat they smolder
and still life makes
new ones like
foreign friends

Alone in an alien land
memories tiptoe with temerity
darkness rains even on full-moon nights
like the intense meaning of sadness

Desires demand new leaves
so they may breathe
and new desires spring
when they set
in the mould of desire

Life comes closer to life
as held in the arms
of the paper

The pen is
eager to speak

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

|| prayers sublimate ||

Dreams float over the body and mind
Deep into the night

They are like migratory birds hovering over
The roof tops of European houses
Who, after their sojourn in a land forlorn
Will head back home after the snowy winter

Just like us….
Ever awake, beyond the land of dreams

Eventually longings transmute into prayers
And prayers sublimate into a noble penance
For the realization of yearnings profound

Universal good shines beneath Creation’s protective armour
Dreams are our ultimate shield.

Friday, November 11, 2016

|| practitioner ||

My eyes contain your pictures
they are your album within me
the voice of love echoes and plays
like a new raga
their songs unwavering
like a practitioner

In my heart
beat your heartbeats
My breath constant
in the practice of love

Like the sculptor of Khajuraho
I created a living sculpture of love
you unveiled it, in my eyes

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

|| peter brands ||

Peter, you have words, cordial and trustful

While, in adverse times, folks sleep in peace
and dream of good times to come
You keep awake, devising ways to
protect the honest, and the simple
from adversity

Your searching eyes seek the mute
the pain of wars entombed in memorials
and museums: human civilization

In times when man is out to gobble everything
in sight, you eat little and drink less

Untouched by greed, rich in sensitivity
you stand with friends, often against yourself

Opening bottles of wine with enviable expertise
your joy is in watching others enjoy

Familiar with the crookedness of the genteel
you hold on to a moral code of your very own

Peter, you are a friend of the soul
in a world where friends become strangers
at the drop of a hat

Thursday, October 20, 2016

|| parchment of mind ||

Letter from
Homeland spoken

Word of prayers
In letters

Eyes of dream open
Silent obscurity of words

Their gentle touch leaves on paper
A stroke of supple speech

Glacier of mind
Makes abode in phrasing
Becoming dazzling sentinel
Keep standing, eyes struck
Against the darkness

Opposing time
Piety of the letter

Like seasoned leaves
On mins-journal’s plain pages
Like your bosom pulsating in words
Parchment of mind
Augmenting and shrinking
Through seasons of inner pilgrimage

Word of letters are scattered
Flourishing in the heart, flowering reminiscence

From the mind, squeezed out like honey
Words of letter, steeped in spiritual memory
The letter of Our country
A letter that came from home

Friday, October 14, 2016

|| one’s own ||

Like fallen seasons
dreams collapse
in corners of eyes
in solitary foreign exile

In the heat of the sun
dreams flare up
life creating vision anew
like foreign friends

Alone, in a foreign land
memory comes
frightened thoughts, darkness running, even from the moon

Alone the whole full-moon-night
like a deeper meaning
of the word: downcast

Wishes keep one searching for new leaves
From which new hope can be born
A blue-print for life to approach Life

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

|| michael sloary ||

Michael Sloary
the walking Bauxite
of the Surinamese land
his words the pure
gold from the golden
womb of the earth

Michael Sloary
the nomadic Michael Sloary
his head drinks in the
wine of the tropical sun

He rests not
under the shade of
the trees burning
words drive him on
Sloary is their trusty companion

With the echo of bird-song
he creates his poems that
speak of the shriek within
sometimes of the joy
of the heart

Michael Sloary, like a miner he mines
the minds of the people
of this sub continent

Week in and
week out the Dutch
weekly carries
the living document
of his mind's eye

Walking the land
Michael connects his
dust with the sabana dirt of Suriname

Oh, Michael, shooting roots of
insight into the earth
he wants to grow
the tree of Surinamese life

He hears the call of
the blank page, his hand writes
the language of peoples' heart
he has words for the gurrachbi
as he has a tale to tell
in the newspaper

Michael Sloary,
words fresh and new
like the sunshine
or the gold
of a new-dug mine.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


love blooms and blossoms 
settles in the eye 
one with the 
rhythm of breathing 

words dissolve 
in their own rhythm 
as raag in words 
as words in raag 

in the face of opposition 
love has created love 
it echoes and men forget themselves 
only love remains 

as the sea remains the sea 
the earth, the earth 
the sun, the sun 
water, though becomes thirst 

i am the grain of your love 
and you the faith of my heart 
i am the harvested grain 
stored in the granary of memory 

you wish to live in me 
the beauty of love, and i
desire to drink the wondrous 
pleasure of your beauty

Friday, September 30, 2016

|| love-bird ||

on every page of the body
lips have inscribed
unspoken words

in separation
the body
rustles like pages

wish to fly
away from my body-book
to become
pages in the book of your body

as after dark
the Desolate Earth
drinks in the sun
after the deadly
the Bleak Earth
gathers dust

after the searing storm
the Breathless Earth
sucks breath from the wind
dried to the core
the Charred Earth
soaks in the wetness from the rain

after the terrible bolt
the Deafened Earth
searches for
the sweetness of solitude
seared with the
piercing light
the Senseless Earth sleeps
in the dark lap of stillness

after a bone dry spell
the Cracked Earth lives
the dew drop
as the Leaf Dappled Autumn Earth
awaits the coming of the spring
so I imbibe you
like breath
in the body
of the Carnal Earth

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

|| journey ||

within midnight
as the earth sleeps
in each and every corner
the leaves stop shuddering
silence breathes, audibly
Nature starts taking the form

the night is awake
in the slumbering earth
and the stars are shining

though fallen to sleep
she does not dream
she starts a soft conversation

I – live you
and in that only I live myself
I – listen to you
but I hear my own echo
I – see myself
whenever I wish to see you
I – weave your will to live
like my dreams
I – taste your perplexity
like my unbearable anxiety
I – touch the unending end of your soul
inside the endless layers of my soul

I encompass the land of love
in my memories along with you
as the earth sleeps within midnight
and reality is a dream of reality

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

|| intimacy ||

Tender words
like the unborn child
inside the chest of sensations
and fill in the entire body – anonymously

intimate words
push into the dependable hands
and kiss
the cheerless face
salty tears immerse into the
pure moist moment of a kiss
the threshold of mind is covered
with this moistness of words
and the entire body – becomes damp

the thrill inside the heart
manifests inside the body of heart
like the fresh tender softness
of a newborn child
the tenderness of love
flows down into the
soul of this language

a more fascinating effect
than the kiss
the sensation of this story told

Sunday, September 11, 2016

|| in my heart of hearts ||

Deeply supped
The golden drops of sunshine have I

Your memories
I have placed beside the crescent moon

Touched with my lips
The glistering, pure dew have I

The vernal seed of your love
Cherished in my heart of hearts

Through the windows of my mind
You hold me under your spell

Deep within
the labyrinths of my being have I

You, the man of my dreams, remains

Arm in arm
on the journeys within have I

The mate of my soul, my confidante akin

Through the windows of my mind
You hold me under your spell

Cherished in my heart of hearts

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

|| i know you ||

I know you
as the flower knows its fragrance
as the water knows its taste

I know you
as the earth knows to take in water
and the water knows to get into the earth

I know you
as the flower knows its fruit
its seed

I know you
as the winds know the monsoon clouds
as the clouds know the thirst of the earth

I know you
as the words know their meaning

I know you
as the earth knows Nature’s seasons
as the seasons that know their fruits, flowers, crops

I know you
as the rain that knows its insects

I know you and I save you
sometimes from your showers
sometimes from my winds

I know you
as the earth that knows its seed
and the seed that knows its earth

I know you
as the treetop knows its roots
and the roots know the tree’s nourishment

I know you
as the seeds smell their seasons
and the earth knows the anxiety of the seed

I know you
as the woman who experiences
the vibration of foetus becoming an infant

I know you
as the silence has its own words
as the vacuum has its meaningful echo
just the same way, I know you

I know you
as the soul knows the need for body
the body knows the happiness of soul

I know you
As I keep silent
as your love remains silent
in my soul

Thursday, September 1, 2016

|| i agree ||

I agree
like the deserted earth
that sips sunlight
after a cold night

like the empty earth
that breathes dust particles
after life taking love

like the lifeless earth
that sucks the vital elements from air
after a scorching storm

like the hot earth
that soaks moist filled humidity
after getting burnt till deep inside

like the earth that has become deaf
due to the noise
that is searching the sweetness of loneliness
to live
after the mystery terminating blow

like the earth that is burnt from tearing brightness
is sleeping in the dark laps of silence
completely insensate
after being scorched

like the dry earth that is living
for a dew drop
after deep dryness

like the earth that is covered with autumn leaves
awaiting the knock of spring
a life-giving tender touch

in the same way
just the same way
I accept you
in my body
vital to my life

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

|| fount ||

Becoming you
words see me
Becoming words
I see you

On your soul
is the shadow
of God’s love
Your spirit
a part of God

In your love
I perceive love
Touching you
I touch the God of love

In words
you create Love

Monday, August 29, 2016

|| galaxy ||

Without you
time flows in me
Like a river

I bathe in its
loneliness-infested fear
I harden the
earth of my heart to stone
that you chisel to beauty

Days of pleasure
bury themselves
in the dust of time

In my silence
I live your divine love
your silent decorous cordiality
Dark and alone

Your name is
part of the universe
swimming across the galaxy
eyes want to reach the other end
to find liberation
from the stillness

Friday, August 26, 2016

|| flowery love ||

I do not want anything from you
a boat of courage
a bowl of faith
a flowery love
fragrant and spreading fragrance

To live and quicken
the emotional relations that are turning barren
to wipe and wash
the layers of dirt that are occupying the mind
for the body that has become dry and stony
with the sucking of blood

not to satisfy the desire of pleasure
but to quench the thirst of mind
to acquire pious satisfaction of the soul
to erase the spots appearing
from shocking attacking eyes
to liberate the breathes
from the suffocation of smoke rings
to narrate the story of dusty attack on the mind
to open each and every aspect of agony
and share the heat of stress
the pressure of world in front of you

I do not want anything from you
a boat of courage
a bowl of faith
a flowery love...
that is fragrant and spreading fragrance

You are the hut of autumn leaves
that have fallen from the tree of love
you are like sandy bank of silver range
not only of the body
but also of the silent mind
you are the ‘supreme river’
of ultimate happiness
like the waves in palms
in the palms of the waves
resounding with the fantasy of pure love
in my palms
your love like a conch shell
sticking to my breath
listening to my breathing
permitting love to breathe

the sound of the conch
echoing permanently
ringing like the winds
thundering like the clouds
it showers
whether you and I hear it or not
it is heard in every heartbeat

I do not want anything from you

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

three short poems

|| exploration ||

explore within me
the subterranean river

I explore within
the nameless ocean

address the
unaddressed cave-home
in my heart
your touch is inscribed
with your name
the damp-warm comfort of the soul
that sweeps the body away

with eyes like fingers
you dig my bleak mountains
and create a fragrant
succulent valley of flowers

the soul knows
the divine comfort
of the nature of life

|| eternal raga ||

the tender fist
of my experience
I want
to hold
the absolute
delight of love

Seeping out
of the body
I permeate
your space to
plunge into an
eternal raga

Becoming your life
my life beats
in my heart, my heartbeat
is yours now
playing your tune

|| essence ||

I settle
my unwavering gaze
on the moon of love
so the essence of her light
may surface

this is love