Friday, September 30, 2016

|| love-bird ||

on every page of the body
lips have inscribed
unspoken words

in separation
the body
rustles like pages

wish to fly
away from my body-book
to become
pages in the book of your body

as after dark
the Desolate Earth
drinks in the sun
after the deadly
the Bleak Earth
gathers dust

after the searing storm
the Breathless Earth
sucks breath from the wind
dried to the core
the Charred Earth
soaks in the wetness from the rain

after the terrible bolt
the Deafened Earth
searches for
the sweetness of solitude
seared with the
piercing light
the Senseless Earth sleeps
in the dark lap of stillness

after a bone dry spell
the Cracked Earth lives
the dew drop
as the Leaf Dappled Autumn Earth
awaits the coming of the spring
so I imbibe you
like breath
in the body
of the Carnal Earth

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