Friday, July 25, 2014

|| i chose you ||

To writ together
that magic world love
on the sea-shore
i chose you
as one would
a virginal sheet of paper.

Nascent dreams chose you
to put the light
of the full moon
in the eyes of your heart.

To place in your palm
the melting warmth of love
the glowing elixir of my palm
i chose you
for you are the
companion of my soul.

(Painting : Seema Kohli)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book About The NETHERLANDS written by Dr. Pushpita handed to the AMBASSADOR in INDIA

The book 'Netherland versus Holland Life Culture' written in Hindi by Dr. Pushpita Awasthi on the Netherlands and the Sarnami and Hindi language handed over by editor Dinesh Chandra Bhatt to the ChargĂ© d’Affaires a.i. Mr. Alibux of the Surinam Embassy and to the Dutch ambassador Mr. Stoelinga.
The book is about Dutch history, culture, religions, social system, educational system, literature, art, cinema, cuisine etc. The book also deals with the relationship between the Sarnami language and the Hindi language. Sarnami is spoken in Surinam and in the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Dutch of Surinam origin. The origin of the Sarnami language lies in India.
In the Netherlands the book will be presented to the Ambassador of India in the Netherlands Mr Rajesh Nandan Prasad, in the Gandhi Centre located in The Hague during the International Hindi Conference on June 25th. The conference will be attended by among others: Rabin Baldewsingh, deputy mayor of the Hague, Mr Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Member of Indian Parliament and Annette van der Hoek, Indologist. Hindi and Sarnami writers and poets will be part of the conference. During the conference Dutch writers promoting Sarnami and Hindi Language will be honored.

Friday, July 18, 2014

|| the statue in the rock ||

The statue in the rock
through their worship
they create love
with their faith impregnated
deep within themselves
they produce
a new
kind of folk art

through their devotion
they are endlessly filled
with faith and love
that is reflected in their ecstatic eyes
echoing the resounding silence of their
creating a serenity in their soul
where worship produce love
where worship is love

through their devotion
they yearn to be touched
after the NIRJALA VRIT
demands total submission
before the image of
emerging from beyond the soul
the touch of the stone-image of their
is converted into their hands
as a response to their touch
into an experience of the divine power
of their object of adoration
flowing dissolved into their blood
through their devotion
they are touched
as if by the father of the mountain as in
the case with the mother of the rivers

bestows boundless love
a virtual sea of honey
that the legs would rush
to witness again and again
through their unbounded, deep
passion for worship
they hope to reach
the boundless of the soul
which in the eyes of the worshippers
is injecting divine splendor
into the stone-image
just like the body
enlivens itself with love.

(Painting : Kalamkari Painting. Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art that originated about 3000 years ago.)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

|| that letter ||

The letter
will arrive and enquire after sorrow

that will wipe off the tears from

the eyes,
the seat of love
in any part
at any restaurant
on any stage
on any bench
when entering any lodge
just as entering any inch, for
but unlike exploring a certain
familiar spot
a record
with data

and the promptness of the postal
the letter

whose words will bridge over time
at times through tearful eyes
at times with dry shivering lips
at times as long, deep and weary
sighs of happiness when
the eyes will quietly fix upon them

having read the words the eyes will
know the wet grief of
the lingering agony of a
muffled and distressing loneliness

that cannot be told to anybody
but to
the very soul of the letter.

(Painting : Isabel Pinheiro)

Monday, July 7, 2014

|| toys ||

Children grow
toys become small
the mother stores
the toys to touch
their leftover childhood.

As soon as the
children know the lie
of life hidden in toys
they leave home
in search of the
truth of life.

The mother looks
for their fingers
hidden in their toys
to forget the pain
of the separation
from the child
gone abroad she
kisses the toys
her children kissed.

Touching the memories
of her children left in
the toys she eases the
pain of her memories.

In her memories she
keeps her children's toys
and in toys her hungry
motherly touch thinking
the toys too miss her children.

Sometimes she puts
the old tricycle in
the forlorn garden and
remembers her children's
feet now in military boots
or trudging alien paths.

With her old eyes
the mother blessed the
dreamy new world of
her children's eyes
that is untouched by

tears of slavery even
now she e-mails to
them the magic messages
from childhood scriptures
and life - 'a slave is happy
not even in his dreams'
'love truly and thou shall be united
with thy love.'

As soon as the
children know the lie
of life hidden in toys
they leave home
in search of the
truth of life.

Leaving the toy animals
children set out to win
the war against the animal
hidden within men.

Abandoning toy planes
and cars
children leave in search
of a new life
better than their parent's
they had heard in their father's
heartbeat seen swinging
in their mother's eye.

(Painting : Milly Martionou)