Sunday, June 29, 2014

|| let love happen ||

On the leaves of the heart
write the truth of love
not the illusion of amour.

Like the palms of the potter
press and knead of the earth of the heart
shape the body of love in the heart
not the illusion of amour.

Let love happen
to the soul like a divine feeling
not magic so the soul can be free
from the ties of the body
and visit moksha

Love is the music born
of the instrument of the body
play it like a practitioner.

Love, the amour of the chords
of the body-instrument
the primitive song of intimate moments...

(Painting : Manish Pushkale)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

|| love arrives ||

Love arrives at
the door of the body
as delight.

To woo the body
the mind places the
ever burning lamp
in the niche of the heart.

On the wall of the
core of the heart
it hangs a dream calendar
with living photos of amour
riding the solar cycle
of days, months, years.

In the home
within the body
cooks the mouth watering
spread of love
to satiate hunger
to waken hunger sometimes.

In the courtyard of
the body-home
hangs the enchanting cage
with the beautiful parrot
who sings the song of the body
tells the story of the heart.

Within the body
the tambourine of the heart
plays the eternal song of the body.

(Painting : Sara Ranjbar)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

|| tender hearted friend ||

You are the
scripture of my heart
my only book.

You are the pencil
of my soul
the cordial writer
of my candid feeling.

You are
my only poem
the true document of my creation.

You are
my only faith
the real companion of my soul
holy fruit of my deeds
the elixir of
my life force.

You are the breath in my body
the tender hearted friend
of my consciousness.

(Paintings : Madan Lal)  

Friday, June 13, 2014

|| native desires ||

Amidst alien heat and frost
the deck of the heart
lies abandoned like
the wet mark of
a memory-wound.

From the light house of desire
at the VEERANARI beach
ancient eyes scan
a luminous past.

Absorbed in the
memory of the beloved
face resting between palms
holding native desires
my palms become
her palms.

(Painting : Toni Shulajkovski)

Friday, June 6, 2014

|| the eternal shadow ||

To the sun
i hand your heat
to the river
i offer your cool
to the winds
i hand your spring

To the flower
i give the colour of your lips
to the tree
the height of your touch
to the earth
your earthy fragrance

To nature
i dedicate the echo of your breath
in the garden
i plant the eternal tree of your faith
from your image
i take for myself
the eternal shadow
that comes to my soul
from your soul to
quietly tell me your unlived desires
the lonely monologue of your day
the solitary lament of your nights

In the idol in the temple
i offer your faith
in God
the purity of godliness
after i meet you.

(Painting : Somnath Hore)