Friday, July 18, 2014

|| the statue in the rock ||

The statue in the rock
through their worship
they create love
with their faith impregnated
deep within themselves
they produce
a new
kind of folk art

through their devotion
they are endlessly filled
with faith and love
that is reflected in their ecstatic eyes
echoing the resounding silence of their
creating a serenity in their soul
where worship produce love
where worship is love

through their devotion
they yearn to be touched
after the NIRJALA VRIT
demands total submission
before the image of
emerging from beyond the soul
the touch of the stone-image of their
is converted into their hands
as a response to their touch
into an experience of the divine power
of their object of adoration
flowing dissolved into their blood
through their devotion
they are touched
as if by the father of the mountain as in
the case with the mother of the rivers

bestows boundless love
a virtual sea of honey
that the legs would rush
to witness again and again
through their unbounded, deep
passion for worship
they hope to reach
the boundless of the soul
which in the eyes of the worshippers
is injecting divine splendor
into the stone-image
just like the body
enlivens itself with love.

(Painting : Kalamkari Painting. Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art that originated about 3000 years ago.)

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