Tuesday, August 23, 2016

three short poems

|| exploration ||

explore within me
the subterranean river

I explore within
the nameless ocean

address the
unaddressed cave-home
in my heart
your touch is inscribed
with your name
the damp-warm comfort of the soul
that sweeps the body away

with eyes like fingers
you dig my bleak mountains
and create a fragrant
succulent valley of flowers

the soul knows
the divine comfort
of the nature of life

|| eternal raga ||

the tender fist
of my experience
I want
to hold
the absolute
delight of love

Seeping out
of the body
I permeate
your space to
plunge into an
eternal raga

Becoming your life
my life beats
in my heart, my heartbeat
is yours now
playing your tune

|| essence ||

I settle
my unwavering gaze
on the moon of love
so the essence of her light
may surface

this is love

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