Sunday, March 29, 2015

|| language of love ||

at the beginning of
the century i place
my luscious lips
for words of love

with the cordiality of love
i will create a language
for a heartfelt dialogue
with the heart
alive to emotions
succulent, credible
so men of this earth
would know to love
their earthy women
who create the world
and men.

at the beginning of the century
i select love
for the span of the century

love can save - time
and in saving time
the century

love knows
to safeguard from the whims
of history time
and the historic inscription
on the heart of those
who love time.

for this century
we will create
a script
to unveil the language of love
as the script of touch
manifests the language of love
the unspoken intimacy of sweetness.

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