Wednesday, May 7, 2014

|| words caught in between the ribs ||

some words
hoping to escape from the paper
came out flapping
like birds or butterflies

some words
like perfume
wished to settle into the paper

some words
no matter what shape they take
are only conscious of themselves
but when
they are now in human hands
they become dangerous
even to man himself

there is no sense
of pleasure left now
in the charming words
and from the words of man
still exude the lingering smell of his
animal self

and now a days
there are sham flowers
made of paper and plastic
that one even hopes to capture their
in transparent flasks

new words, then
are given to these flowers
that hopefully would let them flourish
just like
man has been converted into
computers and electronics
with 'robot' as his new name

but some of the words
absurd and meaningless
have only their hollow sounds left to
and they
do not realize in time
that they do not ring true anymore
on their bed of paper
but like the last breath
within the chest
of an old patient
that gurgles
every time he is about to give up
the ghost.

(Painting : Agustin Castillo)

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