Monday, April 7, 2014

|| the necessity of needs ||

When hungry
one craves for bread
when thirsty
one needs clear pure water

when the need occurs
to roll up one's sleeves
one then needs strong hands
inner strength
but not the brute strength of an animal

for living
one needs a home
not marble-erected walls

to get a life
one needs love
not just a relationship
one needs somebody
in the shape of a man
or in the shape of a woman
but not just a male or female

for endearment
one needs trustful words
sincere words of love
for anger
one needs the correct words
for a revolution
one needs powerful words

to be drenched
one needs a seasonal cloud burst
and not a shower in the bathroom
for breathing
one needs clean fresh air

for a good song
one needs the passion of the singers
and not merely their humming along
if only
a full grown sapling would appear
whenever the pot falls apart
and not just the noise.

(Painting : Ronit Kristal)

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