Tuesday, November 4, 2014

|| like a letter ||

like a letter
you entered the
mail-box of my life
and became the love letter of the soul

in the sweet milky light
when moonlight dissolves
into the glitter of the stars
turning into a dream
the moon sleeps in my eyes

with the candle of loneliness
melt sometimes words
sometimes i ....

breathing in words
drenched in sweat
reliving that tender memory
i place the muggy ache of my heart
in my sweaty palm

words hold
in their palms
magic reality

in the secret casket of words
in deep solitude
words are born wordlessly
as a new date
is born at midnight

every morning
the sun pours sunshine
into the new date
as love replenishes
the fount of words
as mountains deliver
their river of love

lips know the honeyed
shiny touch of words
as the poet's lips
know the
words of her poem
the lips of the poem
know the lips of the poet
like words
like love in words.

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