Tuesday, August 12, 2014

|| synonym of love ||

the river
the comfort of the moon
through the night
the moon explores her
from bosom to womb
turning the fish silver

archives of the rendezvous
of the river and the moon
the silver fish
search for the moonlight
dissolved in the river
becoming a synonym of love
as you
are dissolved in

in the flow of the river
the tune of the river's love
turns sounds into words

the moon learns
from the river
the language of love
dissolving in the river
it sings
in the waves
the song of rapture
and writes
a new language of love

as i
suck from your breath
the life force of love
for the vitality of my words
so they may
unveil their silence
to create
the everlasting
pure language of love.

(Painting : Hesham taha)

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