Sunday, August 3, 2014

|| the muddy lettering on the river ||

even after the sun has set
its heart is being retained

even after the tears have dried up
its salty taste lingers on

when the river has gone through its abb
and flow
it is blotched with muddy letter-like

even though you have gone far away
your perfume has remained in my

even in my private golden dream
in the dead of night after the sun has set
your eloquent words of faithfulness loses
in my heart of heart

when the good old days are changing
overtaken by the
river of time
some drops are able to become part of
the river
despite the boiling tide
like some barren comer of the world
has been able to heed the delight of the
efflorescence of the
geminating seed
just like some potters are able to take
of the wheel
despite the heavy rain
some drops are still managing to reach
the earth

likewise the lips are longing for more
after having been kissed
and we yearn to be separated
after having been intimate
just like one's heart-desire
leaves furrows behind in the brow
a lonely heart will hide its eyes between
the knees
like a wilting trunk
is seen doing - even if only seen
for can even the legs
of a stone image get up
and get anywhere ?

to play it safe
some words come fluttering down
to me river so often
like the fluff of the silk cotton tree
and instantly
are converted into a silky thread
that writes some of the saved
words into sparkling words
to address in a powerful way.

(Painting : Mara Light)

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