Monday, September 8, 2014

|| dream canvas ||

i have
your words
and you have
my silence

with you are
my restless dreams
with me
the world
of your desire

on the canvas
of dreams
i paint bright
luscious colors
and give them names
like you

in my memory
live your words
the true companions
of loneliness

in the golden palm
of sun rays
i place the
eternal kiss
of the loving glance

i imbue
aline winds
with love scented dream-breath
and turn a strange word

as children
create sand-castles
living dream play
in the reality of life

in the expanse of your being
i sow the seeds
of my desire
awaiting the footfall of creation
my heart beats to
the sound of love.

(Painting : Kappari Kishan)

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