Thursday, December 24, 2015


the Poet,
weaves words, and renders man
sometimes a composer
a philosopher sometimes, and
sometimes a seeker

the creator,
strings pearls of words
into verses, and renders them
an ornaments of the artist
adorning melodies
sometimes in tunes
in rhythms sometimes, and
sometimes in beats

transform into symphonies
in the gestures of maestro Herman
every now in the strumming of a guitar
and then in the drone of a violin
the strike of his palms on the drums
a reverberating echo, a global invocation
for art
for humanity

Herman's art
his elan vital
innate, incarnate
embodied in him
are his musical instruments
resounding like the rare clap of his hends
each begetting a distinct sound
akin to the myriad melodies
the sweet calls of jungle birds
one resounding song for each earthy hour

Herman's voice
like the inner music
of waves breaking on the shore
of rustling winds and untamed gusts
the roar of the forest's core
yet sometimes a vernal breeze
a zephyr of innocent elvishness

the performer,
embodies nature, the supreme artiste
in his embrace it melts
fuses, amalgamates
and bursts forth from him
a projection of his very being

dressed in the colors
of the Netherlands flag
deep red and marine blue
with sleeves rolled up
ever ready, ever free
to invoke the muse, goddess Saraswati
and create art in its variegated forms
in the melody of an instrument
the versatility of theater
the wizardry
of poetry
the magic of breathing
life into words
words exuding love
words declaring love
in the warm touch of the hand
in the gentle swish of the autograph
for is not an autograph
a touch by the means of words ?

the master of rhyme and rhythm
writes poetry
in the language of musical instruments
in the meter of dance
in the metaphor of song
the gamut of his artistic creation
is but an embodiment
of his poetic expression
where he is the poem
bound in form, yet unbodied, spiritual
and the poem manifests
sometimes as music
sometimes as an instrument
as a painting sometimes, and
sometimes as nature, in dialogue with man

Herman's body
a shining star of energy
sending forth rays
of artistic brilliance
illuminating the listener
enlightening the audience

the adept personifier
of art, of creativity
through the beauty of language
through the harmony of dance
and, sometimes
through the inebriating blend of his own voice
and the audience
utterly and helplessly under his spell
find themselves
falling down the magic hole
peering through an animated kaleidoscope
ever-changing, ever-renewing
alive like the eternal beauty of nature

Herman, bard of the Netherlands
you are the vaalsberg of art, of creativity
your gestures smile
in the professor's antics
you touch a chord through the strings of your violin
in your deep voice
resounds the earth's silence
Herman, bard of the Netherlends
you are the flame of peace of unity

conjuring worlds
through your art
painting pictures
through your words
spinning tales through your colors

forever bursting with rainbow hues
in the azure of your beautiful mind
like a shower of rain through your eyes sometimes
dispersing through the prism of your fingertips
dipped in the spectrum of vibgyor

the core of Herman's very being
throbs to create
lives to create

blue eyes reflecting a potpourri of emotions
like a motley bunch of flying balloons
infinite colors of flying feathers
splashed across the canvas bare as moon
adorned in colors vivid and bright
the paintings spread their wings and take flight
and colors seem to fly like feathers
in paintings
in words

Herman's words
woven in poetry
alive like the dramatic personae
of the heart's theater
Herman's words
cast in their roles
adept like the seasoned performers
on the worldly stage
making their way
into the reader's inner amphitheater
they perform
in verse and metaphor
in script and dialogue.

(Herman Van Veen is a renowned Dutch and German poet)

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