Thursday, July 30, 2015

|| Hanneke ||

An European woman
with an Indian heart 
and soul-Hanneke

With open eyes
she hears and sees
all in silence
like a still river

In her eyes
all see their reflection
amidst movement
she sits unmoving

Seeing everything her
ears hear-everything
the way her eyes
watch-day and night

Often she thinks
eyes are helpless-
they see whether they want or not
ears have no option
but to hear
what if the lips
too spoke the words
of the soul-incessantly
then the world would 
have been different
and so would have been man

The world would not
have been so frightening
then and men would 
not have been insecure

Power and fear
would not have 
turned into guns

Freedom would not
be known as terror

Locks and patrol
would not have been
synonyms of security

Man and woman
would have procreated
generations of faith

In her silence Hanneke
speaks volumes
engaged in dialogue
her liquid eyes unveil 
answers to questions unasked

Hanneke creates novel
modes of dialogue
gives new meanings
to words

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