Friday, July 31, 2015

|| Peter Brawns ||

Peter, you have words
cordial and trustful
In adverse times
folks sleep in peace
and dream of 
good times to come
While you keep awake
devising ways to
protect the honest
and the simple
from adversity

Your searching eyes
seek the mute
human civilization
and the pain
of wars entombed 
in memorials
and museums

In times when
man is out to
gobble everything
in sight you eat
little and drink

Untouched by greed
rich in sensitivity
you stand with
friends often
against yourself

Opening bottles of
wine with enviable
expertise your joy
is in watching others

Familiar with
the crookedness of
the genteel you
hold on to
a moral code
of your very own

Peter Brawns
you are a friend
of the soul in
a world where
friends become strangers
at the drop of a hat

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