Monday, April 17, 2017

|| shreenivasi ||

The poet Shreenivasi has
sown in his native land
word seeds.

In his poems he
has revived Suriname
feeding it
his heart's blood.

Suriname is growing
older in the land
of Suriname
In his poem Shreenivasi
is young at eighty five
like a tiller with
his plough on  his shoulder.

At the river-bank in New Amsterdam
the poet stands holding
the aakaashdeep of poem
the compassionate eye
of his picture has ink
for his new poem.

Like the trees at
the turning into jungle
New Amsterdam bank
that have known and lived
pain for ages his poem
stands tall.

Like his poems the
birds have created on branches
new plants…new creepers….new roots
and new nests.

In days past canons
that fought like mothers
on the side of the motherland
on this same beach
now lie quiet resting
their heads on their
children's shoulders.

Like the sentry at
the police- post at the
beach stands Shreenivasi's poem
a weapon drawn for the motherland.

Poetry is the monument
of New Amsterdam
the logo of Suriname
along the flag of the
police-post waves
the banner of poetry.

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