Monday, April 10, 2017

two poems

|| the earth ||

The earth bears
the pain of
being alive like
a lonely woman.

Folks scratch her innards
trample on her for
their crazy pleasure
some decorate and preserve her
as they do a lonely woman

All watch the destruction
the earth too sees
her slow destruction
and still, through
her own powers-
creates balance
against destructive forces.

Like the lonely woman
the lonely earth saves-
her verdure
her rain
her coolness
her fertility
her purity
her identity.

|| seeds ||

The woman bears
with and keeps quiet
like night.

The woman burns
and remains contained
like the spark.

The woman moves on
living within limits
like the river.

The woman blossoms
and flourishes and is
ever hungry
like the tree.

The woman drizzles
and rains and is
ever thirsty
like clouds.
The woman makes
a home and always
remains homeless
like the birds.

The woman is
a resounding voice
but is silent
like the word.

The woman births
man and remains a slave
like the seed.

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